Dieser Kurs ersetzt das im WiSe 2019/20 ausgefallene Blockpraktikum im Modul 12-PHY-BGP1.PR01 Grundpraktikum 1.

The course QT2 - Introduction to Quantum Optics is part of the "Quantum technologies" series 1 - 3.

It covers the following fields:

 - Interaction of an atom with a classical electromagnetic field & Rabi oscillations

 - Lasers

 - Nonlinear optics & Sub-diffraction optical imaging techniques

 - Photon statistics, photon antibunching & single-photon sources

 - Coherent states and squeezed light

 - Photon number states

 - Atoms in cavities, Photonics

 - Entangled states & quantum teleportation

 - Quantum cryptography

 - Quantum sensing & Quantum computing

The Virtual Lab EP3 is a course to support the laboratory sessions within the module 12-PHY-BIPEP3 "Experimental Physics 3".

This course is intended for all the IPSP students who did not have the possibility to complete the laboratory practices for Experimental Physics 3. At the moment it is not clear whether it will be possible to do live physics practices in the General Physics Laboratories during summer semester 2020. Therefore, lab materials and virtual experiments will be placed here that assist or replace the live labs. The idea is to guide students virtually through the experimentation process and make measurement data available. Students will see through the material, analyze the data and hand in a laboratory report in electronic form. This will be graded in the same way as in the former labs to Experimental Physics 1 and 2.


- Theorie der chemischen Bindung. Adiabatische Näherung.Orbitale (LCAO).Rotations- und Schwingungsspektroskopie (Raman, Brillouin). Franck-Condon-Prinzip.


- Kerneigenschaften, Kernkräfte und Kernstrukturmodelle. Kernreaktionen und -zerfälle


- Elementarteilchen, Prozesse, Symmetrien. Beschleuniger und Nachweismethoden. Starke, Elektromagnetische, Schwache Wechselwirkung.