Natural resources are on decline and subject to human exploitation. A growing world population and increased per capita consumption require informed choices of policy-makers on different scales to achieve efficient and just management. Two, rather unrelated, literatures in environmental economics are used to inform policymakers. The first one is economic valuation, which contrasts social and private costs to benefits. The second one is bioeconomic modelling, which combines biological models with economic models to estimate the effects of different policies on biological and economic outcomes.

In this seminar, we explore a bioeconomic model which includes a demand function derived from an economic valuation study. Particularly, we replicate a recent paper by Dube et al. In the paper, data from a choice experiment (a stated preferences valuation method) on sustainable seafood is combined with an age-structured bioeconomic model of Baltic Sea cod stocks.

Semester: WT 2023/24

Basic in Sustainable Development (WS 2021-22)

  • Integrated Assessment of Climate Protection Strategies (Prof. Dr. Thomas Bruckner): on demand
  • Theories of Sustainability (Prof. Dr. Bernd Klauer) : SR 7, Friday 1:15-2:45 pm
  • Systems Science (Dr. Ing- Sabine Lautenschläger and Lydie Laforet) : SR 7, Monday 1:15-2:45 pm
Semester: WT 2023/24