Since the 1960s, the disciplinary development of Cultural Studies, particularly over the last three decades, responded to as much to the term ‘studies’ as to ‘culture’ or ‘cultural.’ Through complex theoretical and methodological viewpoints, scholars in Cultural Studies are also questioning the current perceptions about disciplinary traditions and boundaries, academic topics, and categorization.
This course offers an introduction to familiarize the audience with the British cultural studies tradition. Intending to locate the two components of cultural studies – ‘culture’ and ‘studies’ – the seminar offers a range of theoretical viewpoints. We will begin with the works of Richard Hoggart and Raymond Williams, and then continue to ‘Birmingham school’ to discuss the significant works that have been influential on the British tradition of cultural studies. We will conclude by applying the theories and methods of British cultural studies to discuss diasporas and transnational migration, as well as the role of colonialism in shaping identities and perceptions.
Semester: ST 2020