After successful participation in the course, students are able to
- independently develop a current application of quantum technology in science and technology, building on a solid basic education in physics, and present it in the form of a presentation
- explain and evaluate methods and challenges of quantum technology
- apply the acquired knowledge to hypothetical application scenarios.
The lecture gives an introduction to quantum technology, quantum computers and quantum sensors.
What are qubits? Basics of a computer, quantum computer, quantum error correction, adiabatic QC (D-WAVE), quantum sensors, practical realisation.
Participation requirements:
Master of Science International Physics Studies Programme: none
Participation in module 12-PHY-MWPQT2 is recommended.
Master of Science Physics: none
Participation in module 12-PHY-MWPQT2 is recommended.
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: M.A. Nielsen and I.L.Chung. ISBN 978-1-1-107-00217-3

Semester: WT 2022/23