Di 13:15 - 14:45, Augusteum A-314 (Math department, Augustusplatz 10, 3rd floor)

Start: Tuesday, April, 4


- students of mathematics (Diplom)

- students in mathematical physics (M.Sc.)

It is a compulsary elective course in the mathematical physics program (10-MAT-MPDG1) formed by the lecture and the seminar

Topic: Hyperbolic Geometry
The n-dimensional hyperbolic space ist the simply-connected and complete Riemannian manifold
of constant negative sectional curvature -1. The topic of the seminar is the geometry of the compact
quotients of hyperbolic space, i.e. the compact Riemannian manifolds of constant negatice sectional curvature.
There is an essential difference between dimension two, in which a whole Teichmüller space of hyperbolic
structures exist, and higher dimensions, for which Mostow' rigidity holds.

R.Benedetti, C.Petronio, Lectures on hyperbolic geometry, Springer, 1991

Semester: ST 2023