Teilnehmer/innen: (students)
- Studierende der Mathematik (Diplom), Wirtschaftsmathematik (Diplom)
- students in mathematical physics (M.Sc.)

It is a compulsary elective course in the mathematical physics program (10-MAT-MPDG1) formed by this lecture and the seminar

After a crash course about concepts of differential geometry (connection, geodesics,
parallel transport and curvature),we investigate Riemannian manifolds.
We will discuss how curvature determines topology. In addition we will study
differential operators on Riemannian manifolds,in particular the Laplace-operator.

- Gallot, Hulin, Lafontaine: Riemannian Geometry, 3rd ed., Springer 2004
- Jost: Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis, 6th ed., Springer 2011
- Petersen: Riemannian Geometry, 3rd ed., Springer 2016

Semester: ST 2023