In this course led by Prof. Dr. Nabeel Aslam you will learn how to use quantum information in communication and how to create a quantum network. This course is open to all Bachelor and Master students.

Time and place:

Thursday 13:15-14:45 Uhr in Aula!

First lecture is on october 12th.

Contents of the lecture:

  • introduction to quantum mechanics and optics
  • definition, creation and application of entanglement in the context of quantum communication
  • discussion of basic quantum communication protocols
  • challenges of quantum communication over long distances and the concept of quantum repeaters
  • promising hardware platforms for realizing quantum communication (photons, solid-state spins, quantum dots, trapped atoms etc.


The excercises will include calculations and discussion of papers. The excercises will be bi-weekly, starting on November 2nd.

Semester: WT 2023/24