This research seminar is organized as a series of workshops, which provide insight into and

practical discussion of different methodological challenges and approaches in particular but

not exclusively for the investigation of processes of spatialization under the global condition,

thereby offering training and advice for – among others – geographers, historians,

anthropologists, social scientists, global and cultural studies scholars who position themselves

in interdisciplinary and global environments.

The workshops cover a wide range of disciplinary approaches including field work, working

with historical sources, addressing spatial imaginations as well as dealing with „big data“, i.e.

textual sources that are available electronically and can be made productive with the tools of

the digital humanities. Each individual workshop will be guided by an experienced scholar,

introducing into the respective methodological topic. Participants are furthermore asked to

bring their own material, experiences and questions, to be discussed and worked with in

groups and plenary sessions.

The workshop series is designed specifically for all members of the SFB 1199 – not only for

its doctoral students – and is simultaneously as a whole package as a research seminar offered

to all PhD students of the GSGAS

Semester: ST 2017