This research seminar is organized as a series of workshops, which all address central predicaments with which many researcher, who blur disciplinary boundaries or draw on multiple reservoirs of knowledge, are confronted with: How to organize and write an interdisciplinary state of the art? How to critically position one’s own approach and research in more than one rapidly changing field? How to develop from the observation of these interdisciplinary states of the art a productive lense through which to grasp one’s own research agenda and legitimate one’s own approach and argument?

The research seminar thereby provides insight into and practical training for dealing with the challenges of academic writing in interdisciplinary contexts, of reviewing multi- and interdisciplinary contributions and of developing one’s own position towards it. It is an offer for – among others – geographers, historians, anthropologists, social scientists, global and cultural studies scholars who position themselves in interdisciplinary and global environments. The workshop series is designed specifically for all members of the SFB 1199 – not only for its doctoral students – and is simultaneously as a whole package as a research seminar offered to all PhD students of the GSGAS.

Semester: WT 2017/18