The lecture will address highly relevant and advanced topics of the field of soft matter and biological physics.

The following topics will be covered:

-        Natural and synthetic semiflexible polymers (cytoskeleton & DNA nanotechnology)

-        Statics and dynamics of networks/bundles of semiflexible polymers

-        Non-affine & non-linear behaviors in soft matter

-        Jamming transitions & glass-like behavior

-        Non-equilibrium fluctuations

-        Equilibrium self-assembly vs. non-equilibrium self-organization

-        Plasticity

-        Molecular motors & self-propelled particles

-        Active soft matter (active actin structures & cells)

-        Material properties in the development of tissues

-        Neurophysics

-        Physics of cancer


Seminar: Students will actively participate, e.g. giving talks or design posters about recent developments in the field.

Semester: ST 2018