Target: BSc IPSP and BSc Physics in 3rd to 6th semester. Priority will be given to 6th semester students.


The students will acquire knowledge and expertise on fundamental physical techniques that are important in the analyses and investigations of biological systems. They will also acquire introductory knowledge in the structure and function of biological materials. In addition, the students will acquire expertise in understanding, discussing and evaluating scientific literature in which the biophysical techniques are applied. 


The lecture will focus on the various methods of biophysics that are fundamental in the analyses of biological systems and processes. The following topics will be dealt with:

- Structure of the cell

- Structure and dynamics of biomolecules

- Preparation and separation of biological molecules and complexes

- Mass Spectrometry

- Optical Spectroscopy (Absorption spectroscopy, Circular dichroism, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Vibration spectroscopy)

- Light Microscopy

- Atomic Force Microscopy

- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

- Methods for structure determination (Electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography)

- Light- and Röntgen-scattering

- Calorimetry 

- Numerical Methods for structure modeling and bioinformatics


- Analyses of publications and presentations on selected methods.

Semester: ST 2024