Dr. Thomas Sheppard
Modul 13-122-0511
Lecture "Nano Structured Catalytic Systems"
International Master ASC26-LE

Institut für Technische Chemie

Enhanced Experimentation: From Ideas and Concepts to Industrial Realization

Dr. Stephan Schunk

Modul 13-121-1416

Dr. M. Al Naji
Modern Concepts in Catalysis

Masterstudiengang "Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy"
Modul-Nr.: 13-122-0521

Masterstudiengang "Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry"
Modul-Nr.: ASC27-LE

Masterstudiengang Chemie


Dr. Thomas Sheppard
Vorlesung "Heterogene Katalyse"
Modul-Nr.: 13-121-0225, 13-121-0522
Masterstudiengang Chemie