The COVID-19 pandemic is, unfortunately, compelling us to limit our personal interactions. Yet getting to know your fellow-students, making new friends and – at best – helping each other out with your studies is a major part of student life, right?

Should you wish to connect up with your fellow-students in the Faculty of Chemistry, you are very welcome to visit our virtual hallway. Our intention is that this shall function just like a real-life hallway, i.e. a place where you bump into other students, get to know each other, ask questions or offer help, and all of this just online.

Check out our digital hallway to find students taking the same classes as you. Perhaps you can share information regarding exercises or exam preparations, or simply take a break from studying and just have a “chat”.

The virtual hallway is provided by:

The Faculty of Chemistry & Mineralogy
Office of Study Affairs

Joanne, Buddy for international students


Semester: ST 2020